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  • Fucking Slayer Rules!!! I received my package today. The CD/DVD T-Shirt and Poster! The CD and DVD are fucking great! I love it and the more I listen to it the more I cant believe how badass Slayer is to be still pushing music like this that nobody else can come close to. I am a 40 year old OG Slayer Trooper from back in the day, still remember the day I bought Show No Mercy when it came out and through all the years Slayer just fucking continues to rock like no one else......Anyway, the poster is sick! Its huge and is a map of the world in skulls and blood, Love IT!!!Read more

    Slayer Rules the Fuckin' World!!!

  • Hey, if you go to music and select an album other than World Painted Blood, click to listen to any song and then when the pop up for the song comes up you can also choose to listen to Psychopathy Red and World Painted Blood complete tracks. Maybe you already know this but I just found it by accident : )

    Slayer Rules!!!

    Slayer Rules the Fuckin' World!!!