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  • Jealous fucks talking shit....lol..Get your shit talking asses to CA for the show in Slayers Home State of California.

    I'm here in San Diego and got my tix's already..They were just here in SD late last year and now a road trip to Indio is on the calendar!!!

    Fuckin Slayer!!!

    Slayer Rules the Fuckin' World!!!

  • Fuckin Slayer!!! Thank you guys! Awesome show on Sunday and great fuckin time in the PIT!!! Keep coming back, big venue like Sunday or small at the Soma like last time, we don't give a fuck. Just want you here in San Diego as much as possible!!!

    For all you Slayers still waiting for your turn, its sooo worth the wait. They played some new songs then went t right into Seasons for almost the entire album, maybe the whole thing but I was so wasted and moshing I dont remember everything but they finished with Rein in Blood...Badass show!

    Slayer Rules the Fucking World!!!