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  • fuck man these guys are so good at playing their instruents and im a guitar player so i know the passion it comes with and i dont think i could ever reach their level of playing, SLAYER ARE GODS

  • Fuck off to the guy who wrote IT DECEIVED ME because i think all the songs on this album are all unique but only similar in their aggresion so buddy shut up and dont listen to slayer if you dont like it you think they will give a shit you dont even deserve to walk the same planet as them crawl in a hole and die, anyway i just got the new album listened to it like 60 times and i must say i fucking love it and my fav songs are unit 731, world painted blood, snuff, americon, public display of dismemberment, snuff, not of this god, psycopathy red, hate world wide and pretty much just the whole fucRead more