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  • Hell Awaits, an evil, bassy sounding thrash landmark. Though RIB gets all the praise and attention, this is just as great of an album, just in a different way. Hell Awaits begins with the infamous "join us," and then "welcome back." It then goes through seven, almost progressive sounding, satanic songs. It ends on "Hardening Of The Arteries," doing the same riff it started on at the beginning of the album. Because of this, you can tell that there will be something amazing coming up next in the Slayer catalogue........Read more

  • Haunting The Chapel is a perfect cross between the punky, almost sloppy Show No Mercy and the evil, almost progressive Hell Awaits. I wish Slayer could have had a whole album sounding like this. Chemical Warfare is just a plainly great song. Captor Of Sin is amazing, with Jeff's intro solo and all. Haunting The Chapel (song) is a dark, evil preview of Hell Awaits. This EP is one of my favorite Slayer recordings. And guess what...IT SOUNDS EVEN AWESOMER ON VINYL!!!