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  • WPB

    I got WORLD PAINTED BLOOD today. I figured out Hate Worlwide and Psychopathy Red on guitar. The whole album is about as good as South Of Heaven or Seasons. SLAYER!!!

  • Angels meet their death. Satan takes over the universe. Kerry King has hair (I know, right!) The greatest album by any band of any genre of music of all time. Or just the greatest thrash masterpiece. Tom Araya opens this one with his ear-piercing, soul-taking shriek of death. After two total take-outs of thrash, there comes the 248 BPM TEMPO of Necrophobic. At 1:40, it is Altar of Sacrifice/Jesus Saves is an epic, while goofy, piece of art. The second side is just as impressive. Criminally Insane through Epidemic are all total thrashers.Read more