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  • So I'm back and hell of time for me
    im so tired,my legs hurt,No sleep for 3 days....500km to Ostrava and 500km back home with train.
    I walk a lot about Ostrava City and I have blisters(search for train station and need to recharge my cam battery)
    I'm not enjoy a concert, but the filmed video.
    Same problem with sound-first two songs and Toms voice(litle).
    It was pretty good,but a small hall and half of the sound device only one series Marshalls also a little light effects!Read more

  • Maybe in the US will play,It's lazy to travel around the world.
    I also very much looking forward to him,Kerry and Tom have in term CZ concert birthday and it can be a good party between concerts....
    Well we'll see how it will be for the month???