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  • Went to this show in Tucson, the night we dropped our first bombs for Desert Storm war.....Tom came out and announced the news, then opened screaming WARRRRRRRRRR ENSEMBLE!!!!!!!! It was thoroughly brutal, my first Slayer show experience and I ended up breaking my big toe and losing my one of a kind Slayer pent necklace (not the cheesy ones that were all silver, but the smaller version which was actually painted with red n black) I was totally beaten up in the crowd and came out for air only to just fall over backwards, hah, soaking wet, couldnt walk, and completely addicted.Read more

  • I call this Jeff's album, it definitely makes my number 1 slot time and again, so freaking brutal, fave lyrics ....I walk, step by step with DEATH, where all bludgeoned bodies lie, you will see my face of rage...cut your heart out of your chest leaving impaled the consumation, of mankind.

    i walk, step by step with Death, where all blungeoned bodies lie, you will see my face of rage, cut your heart out of your chest, leaving impaled the consumation of Mankind.