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  • Totally worth the wait!!! An outdoor venue for this show was an absolutely brilliant idea! The sounds was crystal clear....with Slayer actually having the best and most audible production. It was like listening to a CD from each band. The Memorial Collisium would have sounded like ass compared to the county fairgrounds. Plenty of food vendors, and hot girls in the beer garden.Read more

  • Show was absolutely perfect!!! F*ck those who doubted the sickness and awsomeness of the show being at the fairgrounds. Best Slayer show I've ever been too! Best sound production I've maybe ever witnessed. I'm glad we got to be the one's who embraced an outdoor venue on this tour. The collosium would've sounded like ass compared to sat. night. Really mellow crowd, fun mosh pits, cute girls, multiple food vendors....couldn't have asked for any better. However, there was one down side....the set lists could have been longer....only 40 min. for testament, and an hour and 10 min.Read more