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  • This album was a definitive piece of work for SLAYER in my opinion.

    They took what they had done before (the speed of R.i.B., the rawness of H.A., and the toned down feel of S.o.H.), and totally brought forth this monster of a great musical masterpiece in the "Heavy Metal" world.

    How can you NOT get into this album? Every time I hear 'War Ensemble', or 'Seasons in the Abyss', or 'Skeletons of Society'... any of the tracks, I get chills from the pure aggression, and feeling that they put into every minute of this album.


  • This song truly speaks of the way in which our so called religious "leaders" are leading the blind.

    "...confession finds the lonely child, God preys on the weak...", how much more truthful, and exact can you get with a lyric like that.