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  • Guys! Flew from Paris to witness the History! The Big 4 in Warsaw!
    Slayer just destroyed every thing! They got warsaw kind of "mandatory suicide"! No one could forsee! Though the samll hour they've been playing, the venue got smashed under thenderous sound!
    Now I'm back home! I'm looking for it again! July 7th! I'll be there from 7 am! Hope I can meet the guys!
    It's been a long time!
    Before you see the light! You must die!
    Paris stands for slayer!

  • Oh no!!
    I have to abdondon my holidays for July! Paris cannot wait anymore! I've been looking for this gigg for an eternity!
    Oh got another idea! gonna move to poland to witness a slice of history!
    Tom guet well soon and show no mercy!