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  • Hey there metal fans its me again, you may all bow to me faithfully. Bow to me splendidly! Slayer is awful. Not only are they the worst metal band of all time they are they worst group of musicians in the history of the universe. Have you ever heard such noise being created by such assholes? I mean I hate going to a good show or festival and have to endure these ass clowns just to see the groups that are actually the stars of the fest. Kerry King and Araya live together in a portable toilet where they indulged in one another's flatulence for entertainment. This is fact.Read more

  • Okay lets get one thing straight. Slayer sucks. They have been around for a long time and they still do not know how to play their interments. Kerry King is a big fat bald loser and Araya is a native American who pretends to be Mexican. And get this! I even saw Araya at my church a couple of times. A Catholic church in California. He was praying harder than anyone there. There is a rumor that Kerry King was the valedictorian of his high school. Well this is true, he was home schooled and the only student.Read more