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  • It seems not too many like the video. Remember, this is Slayer. They have always stood on their own. I love the video. You dont have to, but, if u dont think it drives home what the song is about, then ur crazy. SLAYTANIC WEHRMACHT for LIFE (and DEATH)

  • Ive seen slayer 3 times, every time the pit was sick. It would be even better if all the muscle bound freaks would join in instead of standing on the perimeter throwing cheap elbows at the REAL SLAYTANIC MOTHERFUCKERS! Then again, u know how steroids shrink ur nuts! Moshing at a Slayer show is not recommended without a big set of balls! Eat shit and fuck ur mother u chickenshit maggot fucks. REAL SLAYTANIC WEHRMACHT will eat ur soul!