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  • Firstly, the link is to some Shakira video.

    Secondly, if it the clip that is done with the robot thing and the cardboard cutout looking slayer members, then that is an absolute joke. It looks budget and childish in both its presentation and story.

    Please do not release it, make another video. It is embarrasing, and it puts a bad stain on such a good song and album.


  • Another GREAT new song!!!
    You really have to listen to these new songs a few times before you can appreciate the intricate nuances throughout them.
    The song starts off with an eerie 'Navajo' chant (apparently), with a 'martial' drumroll that quickly, but subtly, turns into an interesting tribal/warlike drum fill, with riff that lends itself to South of Heaven in the distance.
    Then the guitars come into full swing with a thrashy 80's sounding riff. Araya's vocals follow in good stead, along with a subtle hint of bass in the background.Read more