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  • You guys are right, I have whined a little bit, and your also correct that Tom's health is the most important thing.
    I guess knowing that the show is a year away, I guess I let my dissapointment show.
    No direspect to the band or to other members of this board.

  • UK ???
    Sure would have nice if the tour continued where it left off,
    I love Slayer, but it's like buying a ticket a year in advance,....wtf?
    American Carnage sould have been the starting point, or Canada if
    thats where the tour stopped.
    I spent a crap load of money in November for a January show in Portland,
    now it looks like it will be the end of the year before we see them???
    Something seems unfair about that.
    Oh well,...get better soon Tom, and try to save some energy for America !