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  • The couple of tracks we've been allowed to hear are awesome. Let's hope the rest of the album hit as hard as they do. I'm sure they will!!! Also let's hope they stick a few new songs in the live set. Whilst we all love the 'greatest hits' at a live show it would be ultra cool to see Slayer playing more of the new material instead of the obligatory one or two!!! Anyway if I'm hinest they could get up on stage and play football for all I care I would still LOVE IT!!!!!!

  • Not a big fan of live albums but you have to buy this one don't you? And I'm glad I did. Sound is a bit iffy in places but hey, this is Slayer so you put up with it. The quality of the music more than makes up for any other shortfall. Prefer a live DVD in future instead of CD, as I believe you can't have enough live DVD'S. Here's looking forward to the Manchester gig in November!!!! Can't wait, woo-hoo!!!!