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  • Definately one of my top 3 favorite Slayer songs of all time!
    I love Slayers music so much that even though they fucked all of their S.E. U.S. fans over on this 2010 tour (LIke us in Nashvilel and El Paso); I am driving the 510 miles to see them in Chicago in August, with my 15 year old son.

  • Oh yeah...wanted to come back and review this show.
    It was fucking amazi..... lol.
    Nashville liked the MetallicA show anyway! Yep, sure did. They play here a lot! They didn't sell out the Nashville show, but they still showed up for their fans. And had they had to delay the show due to injury or something, like they have in the past, I'm sure they would have rescheduled, as they have in t he past. Part of what makes MetallicA such a great band; they love their fans as much as their fans love them and their music, and they never forget that.