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  • hey, what`s up? i´ve noticed that i recieved the Belial Grade, and let me say it`s a big fuckin great honor!
    i have a question for you: where can i find the tennis shoes of vans called SK8 Hi of the SLAYER special edtion? i´m from México, so, please let me know how i have to ask for them.

    and i hve cheked too: "Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax - will tour together once again on Leg Two of the American Carnage Tour." It`s a great news! but the second question is: are you considering to come to Mexico with this tour? i really, really, REALLY hope so.

    long live to slayer!

  • i have already watched the two new videos, and they are fuckin great!! here in México a lot of fuckin slayer fans are going to watch the big four concert on the movie screen, but in particular for SLAYER, because Metallica playing "nothing else matters"? what´s that crap? that is a METAL concert!!! í post the link for those headbangers whose cant watch the new videos, enjoy them and please come back to this beautiful country!!! more

    a necessary Evil!