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  • i wake up every morning listening to the new SLAYER album ever since it has came out.every track is incredible.the lyrics fit the songs perfectly. who could ask for any more from a SLAYER album but greatness!!!!!!And i think i should win the signed poster from hot-topic and the deluxe DVD even though i have it allready,that 1 just would never get opened to have played. and the autographed poster would go directly in a special U.V. fraim so i could pass it on to my kids ,who by the way also love you. teir 13 and 8 years old.and they would love it.Read more

  • GOD i wish i could have been there,i've never met anyone of them except Dave,()not that i wouldnt have loved to meet him again )when he played for Fantomas in Salt Lake City Utah.if i had a reliable car i would have been the first in line.CHRIS SLAY