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  • DAVE LOMBARDO is completly right about the sound,it does have elements of there first albums.i can hear parts of SHOW NO MERCY,LIVE UNDEAD,HELL AWAITS and yes even REIGN IN BLOOD.But thats what i like about the album,you can hear a riff and it might remind you of an older song,and it makes you want to listen to those older albums.its great.it is 'retro' in the sence that you CAN hear those old album influincesses.thanks CHRIS SLAY

  • when i saw SLAYER open for JUDAS PRIEST,i was on the rail and all i could hear is people bitching that SLAYER was opening for PRIEST,it was weird. i think i surrounded by really old people without open minds.so after listening to all the complaining and hearing the last comment about it which was "why do they have these guys opening" i spoke up and said because PRIEST is smart and they are a whole lot better than PRIEST and thats why more than half the people here are to see SLAYER not PRIEST.i didnt hear another complaint about SLAYER opening.Read more