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  • The new SLAYER hoodie looks killer!!!!!! But the "TEAM 666" jersey is my favorite piece of SLAYER merchandise so far!!!!!! Much love and respect to SLAYER!!!!!! Chris "FELL A VICTIM" Slay

  • [quote=chris slay]"REIGN IN BLOOD", Being #1 should not be a suprise!!!!!! It is and always will be the best metal record of all time!!!!!!Just think when SLAYER wrote the album,they were all in there early 20's!!!!!! To be able to write songs that well is amazing in its self. Every song on "REIGN IN BLOOD" will always stand the test of time no matter what happens in any music scene!!!!!! Master of puppets will always be in second place!!!!!! Metallica got there metal card pulled over 20+ years ago!!!!!! Sorry they suck!!!!!! After ...Justice was put out, to me they totally lost all credit!!!Read more