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  • Damn, I was supposed to go to the Slayer concert September 3rd in Seattle Washington, go figure I had to get my surgery on the 27th of August. Fuckin' sucks, now I never got to see Slayer like I wanted too, hopefully Slayer comes back to Washington next year. Sucks. I wish I could go and see them! FUCKING SLAYER RULES! Anyone go to that concert? Please comment and tell me how amazing it was!

  • So I like to show off Slayer, and how much I love moshing, at any fuckin' time I damn well please. Well I'm in the Army and I was out in the field doin' some trainin' shit. My Sgt. decided to ask me to mosh for him in place and he'd give me a pepsi, I would have done it regardless without the pepsi, so I busted out Disciple on my Ipod and moshed the whole song kickin' over chairs and shit and knockin' stuff over, needless to say, it was well worth it. Rock the fuck on Slayer! Can't wait to see you September in Washington!