Tales from the pit

I have yet to see slayer in concert, I attribute this to the fact that I have not heard of any shows in the Grand Rapids are. So please come to Grand Rapids MI. All of the fans here are waiting.

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my country dont understand about music

in my country portugal the only good band that comes here is metallica if the portugues pepole listen to slayer and not tokio hotel maybe slayer come here but they dont like slayer so slayer shows only on germany whit my oncle

Clash of the Titans tour 1990

Ohio center Columbus,Ohio. Megadeth, Slayer, Anthrax co-headlined the 1st Clash of the Titans tour, in that order with a brand new band from Seatle called Alice in Chains opening. I was13 my older bro was 18 and pretty was much a turd so he and 1 of his buds got me and 4 of my friends piss drunk before the show(in turn making us miss Alice in Chains, god damn it!) fortunately we made it just in time to see Megadeth hit the stage. No moshing signs were posted near our floor seats and no area was provided for the activity(of moshing). This was my 2nd time seeing Megadeth on this tour(Rust in Peace) I had previously seen Dave and co. open for Judas Priest w/ fellow thrash pioneers Testament(also no moshing/bummer). So after an ultimatley ass kicking festival of Megadeth, we were all seven of still a little drunk and raring to rip and tear for SLAYER, SLAYER, SLAYER, SLAYER . . . . . . . . the lights go down, . . the sound of rain . . . DM DM DM . . .DM DM DM . .the maylay begins, its "reigning blood"(from the lascerated sky!) we had brought my best friend Jason's 6'5" cousin Junior w/us. Junie was only the largest one of us he was also so the biggest fucking Slayer fan the builing. Not to mention the one who had gotten us all in to the band. Needless to say no moshing would not be an option for 7 piss drunk teen age buckeyes. It was definatley Junior who started to tear the chairs for the floor. Once we all started to help, everyone on the whole floor joined in. It was fantastic, the security guards just stood staring in amazment as if they had never seen anything like that before in thier lives. Ultimatley they just cleared chairs for us.
By the time Anthax hit the stage there were no seats left on the floor and we were front row cener. I actualy slaped hands w/Joey Beladonna(Anthrax/singer)
thanx SLAYER