Tales from the pit

Totally worth the wait!!! An outdoor venue for this show was an absolutely brilliant idea! The sounds was crystal clear....with Slayer actually having the best and most audible production. It was like listening to a CD from each band. The Memorial Collisium would have sounded like ass compared to the county fairgrounds. Plenty of food vendors, and hot girls in the beer garden.

For the whole show the pit was very old school, being the largest during Slayer ofcourse. You dont see that as much these days. Peope moshing in consistantly large pits where people are respectful of the rest of the crowd and help each other when they're down. Alot of fun, nobody got into any fights with each other. It took me back to my thrash pit days as a teen.

Testament played for about 40 min. starting with the first track off Formations, then busted out some old shit like Practice What you Preach, Into the Pit, and a song or two from New Order. Look out for DNR (that was a treat)!! They ended with the title track Formation of Damnation with having everyone in the pit form the wall of death.

Megadeth put on their best show I thnk I'll ever see. They started with Holy Wars....played the whole Rust in Peace album very professionally...didn't catch any fuckups. They played some other songs afterthat, Trust, Symphony of Destruction, Headcrusher (only song off endgame), and ended with Peach Sells....totalling about an hour and 10 min.

Slayer's sound was amazing, crystal clear, best I've ever heard from them. They began, after it was dark, with World Painted Blood and Hate WorldWide (got the new songs done first). Then they played the entire Seasons in the Abyss album....flawlessly with perfect sound....there were about four of us singing along to every song. After that , they played some older songs...South of Heaven, Raining Blood, AGRESSIVE PERFECTOR, and Angel of Death....all played perfectly totaling about an hour and 10 min.

See you all in hell!!

Spirit in Black!!


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