Tales from the pit

Ive just read what happend with Jeff... Anyone knows how long Slayer will play concert without Hanneman ??
I hope that he will destroy as soos as possible. Jeff Take Care....

Ive listen Slayer for 12 years and every day I can find new noices, screams in thier music. Ive seen a lot concert legends of thrash and now i can say that Exodus, Anthrax, Megadeth, Testamen etc. are great but they together on one stage its less than one concert of SLAYER alone. I saw 3 Slayer's concerts and I cant forget Tom's sentence "I feel this love " - Katowice, Poland, 2007. In this year Im going see them in Madrid Im sure Slayer will destroy everyone again. Don't forget Yours fans overseas.

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i never saw them live, but i think this is gonna be it at march 3o here in Portugal ill see em for the first time, it might actually happen now, but since theyre my fav band and Jeff is, to me, God, seriously, i believe in God and his name is Jeff Hanneman, if he doesnt play with them that day, then ill still be happy, but if i dont see Hanneman it just wont be the same