Tales from the pit

Here in Heerlen, in the South The Netherlands, whe have our own Slayer Hyve: Slayer Rulez!

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<a href=http://www.videorolls.com/watch/2010-American-Samoa-Flag-Day-Fautasi-Race-Pt-1> http://www.videorolls.com/watch/2010-American-Samoa-Flag-Day-Fautasi-Race-Pt-1</a>


I attended the Mayhem Festival show in Dallas,TX on 8/15 and I must say to see SLAYER again, it was the best show I've seen yet. Me and a bro were the next 2 people behind the first couple of people against the barricade directly on Kerry King's side of the stage. As soon as thier introduction came on, I knew that the moment was finally here and the wrath of Hell would soon break out. To see those guys that close was just a killer fuckin experience and it will be one that I will never forget. From looking directly at Kerry and Jeff and Tom, to catching one of Kerry's picks he threw out after the show. That is my tale from the SLAYER pit and the best fucking show I ever saw.

favorite show

my friends drove with me 6 hrs to cali and dropped me off at the venue, I went to buy tix and the damn show was sold out, I had only grabbed some cash from the car b4 my ride drove away, so I had to find a ticket. I didnt have enough for the scalpers and so I just started to deathgrowl SLAYER to everyone I saw. I finally realized I was not going to find a ticket this way so went walking down the block and started asking everyone I saw for an extra ticket. I finally found some dudes across the street who said their friend had an extra ticket at the venue. They walk me back and I got a ticket for only 30 bucks from them, then went into the show. The venue was tiny, so I'm at the stage, and Jeff, Kerry, and Tom are all right in front of me, laughing and smiling. Jeff is sticking out his tongue close enough I could've touched it, and Kerry's arm spikes close enough to pierce my eyes. It was small, with amazing energy...was easily my best Slayer show, and well worth the effort hah.


Come to Monterrey, Mexico!!!!! please in the coming tour!!! SLAYER IS AWESOME!


Fuckin right man The netherlands is awsome,,i flew there in Nov. of last year to see slayer....9000 kilometres hahahaha SLLLAYYYERRRRR