Tales from the pit

I am 16 years old,and i watched slayer live for first time this june,in Terra vibe park,Athens....They played with the BIG FOUR...They came on stage right after Anthrax...50000 people started headbanging and spreading disease in the venue...The first amazing stuff started at ANGEL OF DEATH,were during the riff...all the left side of the ones standing in front of the stage,opened and created a huge wall of death....Everybody,includin me,got beat up hardly but no one could feel the pain...SLAYEEEEEEEEEEEER...Our singing durin SOUTH OF HEAVEN,or Seasons in the Abyss,was loud as hell...And then,it is time to prove why greece rocks....Chemical Warfare...Really amazing pits...People say that during War Ensamble were created 13 huge pits around the venue and during Chemical Warfare 23...!!!!!!Finally it is show timeee...Horns in the sky...Patiently awaiting....The three gods turn their back to us,and look at Dave Lombardo...Yeap...Raining blood......I think that it is impossible to understand what really happened for 3 minutes or more....Water bottles in the air,beer all around,and the whole venue was a pits never ending....Of course after that,almost no one of the SLAYER fans watched Megadeth show...We couldn t move!!!!!!!!SLAYER WE LOVE YOU HERE IN GREECE,WE VE MADE OUR CHOICE 666..... the following video is coming from greece,and it is a complication of various cameras set in Terra vibe!!!!Just to see what happens here....Take a look especially at 1:09..... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_AeZOfvryw

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The show in Dallas is not in

The show in Dallas is not in the verizon thatr it's gonna be in the superpages center

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Fuckin' SLAYER!!!