Tales from the pit

it was inaugust 1998,friday 14th of august.fear factory put on a good show as usual.but when SLAYER came out to play everyone went crazy,(i dont know what it is with SLAYER and Utah)i dont remember what album it was for but i do remember people cutting themselves and putting hand prints allover the back wall.I think it was around the time everyone saw that guy cut SLAYER in both arms i dont know? but i do it was another perfect Slayer show thats for sure.it was at thewasatch event center in salt lake city.thought it would be a good bloody story,thanks. chris slay

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UNIT 731

Jeff Hanneman is such a tallanted song writer and maybe a little off,to be able to come up with those lyrics.insane but great.the music goes so well with the lyrics its sick.the solos are great as always.and the whole song in general is just another incredible SLAYER song to be added to their cattalog of numerous other incredible songs.thank you,CHRIS SLAY