Tales from the pit

man i got gypt out of the mayhem festival not once not twice but three times in a row... i had prebought tickets three times had money for the tickets three times.... first time was for seattle and i had to move out of state to oklahoma so there went time one then i got this guy i know in loisiana to get me tickets for both shows in texas.... ok so we were going to meet there time rolls around about a week before the show and i im him bitchin bout how after the show im going to be broke and how i hate it in oklahoma.... so he says he wont let me go see these shows if im going to be desolate afterwards... (i was desolate afterwards anyways because i moved back home) i was so pissed i cried like a bitch and couldnt listen to slayer till the tour was over.... this time i get to go see them up in seattle and noone else who got to go to the mayhem fest can afford to go this time.... and i m stoked.... revenge and metal is so brutally sweet....

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When I earned my moshin boots

Hell yeah Man Mayhem Fest was so bad and it was so freakin hot. My excitement began to build because I was surrounded by so many head bangers I was like damn!!! I was toasted when I jumped into my first mosh pit. I eagerly awaited Cannibal Corpse to come on. My body got all tingly all over it was during hammer smashed face. When this Nazi Skin Head tried to elbow me in the face I ducked down and elbowed him in his ribs. Then next thing you know I got 3 of them chasing me. The crowd was cool they kept those bastards away from me. Then the next big event came on SLAYER began playing I couldn't believe it. I was standing in this field and there was Tom Araya's voice coming out of the speakers. Kerry King, and Jeff Hanneman Dave Lombardo the gods of thrash metal. I was in awe I'm like man my first concert. My boy friend bought my ticket and the show was worth it. During reign in blood I jumped into the pit. I started moshin my butt off and bangin my head and throwing my horns. Hell yeah man best memory ever. I got to see SLAYER FOR MY BIRTHDAY!!! HELL YEAH I can't wait to see them again this will be my second time. Hopefully I will get to see them again and again. I'd give my soul just to speak personally with SLAYER. MY IDOLS THEY FUCKIN ROCK, THEY'VE BEEN AROUND LONGER THAN I HAVE AND ARE THE GREATEST FUCKING THRASH METAL BAND EVER FUCKIN SLAYER!!!! You guys wanna know something? Being a head banger is cool because you are your very own person. Fuck following the crowd I'd rather die than follow the fashion crowd.

Slayer plus Megadeth

Fuckin' Awesome!!!!
Saw Slayer in Eugene at the Valentines day massacre concert. Best show in the world, Oregon people are hungry!! Saw Slayer two years ago in Sacramento, crowd was sooo jaded, Mayhem festival was good (of course only there to see Slayer) But what the fuck was up with Marilyn Manson!?! Crowd was sooo pissed Slayer wasn't closing band, no time for oncore! Can not wait for this shit! Not only Slayer plus Megadeath, also going to be in Oregon, CAN'T FUCKING WAIT! Oregon die hard SLAYER fans LIVE for this shit!! Fuckin' Rockin out with your cock out.

-Slayer chicks love Slayer lovin dicks!

tour dates

i say u guys at mayhem and was really looking forward for world painted blood (which is awsome)and u guys coming back to pittsburgh,pa. unfortunately you guys have no shows near here.slayer has alot of fans in this area and i think i speak for all when i say please come back. we love slayer