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when slayer will come to poland??

"I feel this love" Tom Said
we`re still remember
chorzow 05th june 2007

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Tom Araya lost his voice in Australia!!

Tom Araya lost his voice in Australia!!
"Slayer and Mgadeth player in Melbourne together for the first time in something like 15 years. Megadeth were awesome. Unfortunately, Tom Araya had blown has voice pre-gig so a lot of the Slayer songs were instrumentals. At other times the band had various guys on stage singing the vocals."

http://www.youtube.com/user/machds42#p/ ... 3NZAjizYdI

Another guy is singing the track above. Check the link!


i know that Tom has problem

i know that Tom has problem with his voice... i hope that this time is not serious and slayer will be continued tour ...

nice to se a fan so far away

whats poland like? im half polish,,just looking for my first friend on this site, cant wait for world painted blood..iv;e been a slayer fan since 1983. im 39.love your photo.