Tales from the pit

Good afternoon,

I wish I could have contact with the band manager, since they Slayer band is comming to Mexico City I would like to know if they will be willing to do something with low resources young people that is good fan of the band.

Please send me an e-mail to


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In 1999 or 2000 I forget, I went to the best shown ever played in the Chicago land. THE MAXIMUM STEEL TOUR! SLAYER(of course) PANTERA, MORBID ANGEL, AND A BAND CALLED SCRAP OH AND STATICX. That was the last time anyone would see SLAYER and PANTERA ever tour again. THAT FUCKING SHOW WAS BRUTAL! None stop slamming, wiith Phils constant persuasion in provoking the pits motion. And Toms screaming in agony cries. FUCK YEAH! Ive been a huge SLAYER FAN FOR 25 + YEARS and never get sick of any of there music. SLAYER WILL FIGHT FOR EVER!!!!! LONG LIVE JEFF AND SLAYER in our dark souls for eternity....


I do not know much about slayer - but I have a friend that is a mega fan. He keeps talking about trying to find some album that is nothing but instrumental - can someone help me with that please. Was going to purchase but dont know what to purchase.


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