Tales from the pit

Im a 37 year old Slayer fanatic from Ireland!! Ive been following Slayer since the South of Heaven Days and no other band gives me goose bumps like they do!!!!! Ive seen them live 9 times so far over the years, twice in the UK and 7 times in Ireland, 6 times in Dublin and once in my home city of Cork. I recently moved to Edmonton, Alberta in Canada and long for Slayer to come back here, so I can put my gigs into double digits!!! Being a metal drummer of 20 years, Dave Lombardo and Paul Bostaph have been my main influences...those guys are simply the best...end of! Even met Paul once when he played my home town with Exodus few years back. Basically, SLAYER fuckin kick major ass and they rule the metal world....that is all!!!!!! \m/ \m/

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we want you, back , in GREECE, to make a pit like...hell


come to GREECE again, kings of thrash !!!

Tale from the pit

I completely agree!!!!!! Sounds like we're about the same age! I'm 38 and have been playing bass for 24 years now! Got into a local band here in Utah, we opened for Static-X sept. 19th at a local club!!!!!! Take care! Chris "FELL A VICTIM" Slay

Fuckin' SLAYER!!

Yeah, that's rigth what you have said Smiling I am nearly 43 and am listening to Slayer since 1986. They kick major ass and this the best real metal band in the world!!