Tales from the pit

I saw Slayer on the Mayhem Tour in Oklahoma City on Aug. 16. It was my first Slayer show and I knew I had to get into the pit. Slayer took the stage and halfway through the first song (Divine) I could see the pit up front. I shoved my way through the ocean of people only to realize as I got closer that the mosh I saw was in the VIP area. So, not one to give up so easily I grabbed a guy who was headbanging next to me and drove him linebacker style about ten feet and it exploded from there.A great pit ensued. A bout midset I noticed three fat ladies screaming at some guy at the front of the pit. Aparantly the guy fallen into a nine year old boy who at the front of the pit. then all at once the three fat ladies start unleashing punches on the dude's face. Everybody stops moshing and watches this dude catch twenty or thirty punches. It was hilarious! My problem though is what would posses you to take your small child to the front like that. Everyone knows how much pressure there gets to be up front. What the hell do you expect. Everybody wants to have a good view of the show but if you bring your child you have to be willing to give up some benefits. Up front pits can happen ANYWHERE! It's a Slayer show for fucks sake. But the fight was over quikely and the rest of the show kicked ass. My neck was destroyed for a week afterwards but it was all worth it. Cannibal Corpse was also very cool. Great pit. And Marilyn Manson Fucking Sucks!

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Haha that sounds like a good

Haha that sounds like a good gig dude. Does seem a little irresponsible to have a kid in the pit, though I did see a woman with a bloody pram coming out of the pit during Download Festival this year so I guess it takes all types....