Tales from the pit

Finally I have my own tale from the pit!
After warm up bands Gren & Foma, The Big Four show started with Anthrax \m/. Right after Megadeth left the stage I was impatient to see Slayer, and half an hour later they show up from back stage while World Painted Blood intro was playing. Slayer performed fuckin' great. There is no fuckin' words to tell seeing Slayer live for the first time. Watching them on stage from the 3rd row, beeing so close to them, looking right into Araya's eyes and screaming with him, it was awesome. Specially the moment we all began to scream with the beginning of Angel Of Death (Araya did not scream by the way) was worth all! War Ensemble, Disciple, Chemical Warfare, Raining Blood & all other songs that they performed blowed my mind. I'm sure Slayer enjoyed the show as well. After them, and Metallica, I felt the ultimate satisfaction as a metal fan. I hope we can see King, Hanneman, Araya and Lombardo in İstanbul again. Thanks to Slayer, Metallica, Megadeth and Anthrax for great performances. \m/
June 27, 2010

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Paris or no Paris?

Some Bastrds are telling us that tomorrow's concert in Paris is Cancelld?
Is that true? The Slayer army is in a total confusion! and the non information give us a global suffocation! Damn that shit!
Tom! Ho do you feel?
Hope you're right!