Tales from the pit

I'm gone unsane, I couldn't believe that when I was checking MEGADETH's website and their 'Killing Road"where they mention about their tour and that's when I saw the great news MEGADETH touring with ANTHRAX and my SLAYER,oh my I just started jumping hysterically,what an awesome plan,me and my friends are definetely going and we are getting in the moshpit no matter what. SLAYER in MIAMI ,FLORIDA just like the good ole days,when I saw them live on their 'South of Heaven" Tour 1988 with MOTORHEAD and OVERKILL,thou this time around I won't be as drunk ,I will actually remember this gig ,this time I'm just gonna cherish the moment; My second Clash of the Titans or if not my19th time seeing SLAYER. oh yeah! SLAYER in the haus!

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im going to a concert in

im going to a concert in colorado and i hope it is going to be awsome


Have fun at the concert
And damn ur so lucky that you got to see slayer live so many times!!!!!!!
Dont drink as much and try and get an autograph
best wishes

Hey there now

Hello there Lin ,thx for the post, I know I'm a month behind here ,though I had to post this today I got my SLAYER tickets for the MIAMI show today and now I'm ready to assist my 20th or 19th concert with them,I lost count ,ever since I heard some Filipino fans @ Baker's beach in San Francisco back in 1985,they were jamming " Haunting the chapel " or " Hell Awaits",I was new in the U.S. and didn't even Spoke English @ the time ,SLAYER's music and lyrics kinda help a lot ,Tom Araya being a Chilean gave me the motivation into learning how to Speak English @ a little faster pace...it really helped me THRASH METAL best way to learn how to speak English,just kidding I'm just so Happy that I got my tix today...thrashingly yours,Mario (thrashnica)

Clash of the TITANS revisited

I just read the headline...and let out a blood curdling primal roar....
YES again! I was at the show in Cedar Rapids on the first Titans tour....
All the guys playing the wedding march...fuck yea...the best show i have ever seen...and i get to see it again!
It's too bad you wont be coming to chicago with the Titans(altho i am going to the carnage show with testament)
so on to Wis. it is!!!