Tales from the pit

Ok so I just signed up for an account n I am 25 been to plenty of metal shows, super big fan of Megadeth, I've seen them like 5 times. Any way I'm like 5"11' benching 365 n pretty much fuck up shit in the pit!!! So i haven't been to a Slayer concert yet!!! I'm going to see them this Friday in Las Vegas. I hear stories about the Slayer shows my older cousins been to back in the 90's but they don't get down in the pit like I do!! Some ppl like sky diving, BASE jumping, rock climbing but the high I like, is fucking shit up in the pit!!! So I'm pretty stoked about going into my first Slayer mosh pit!!! My last concert was iron maiden, Megadeth, Anthrax, overkill, n Warbringer, n that was in San Bernardino!! Shit was intense but after this show on the 25th of October, in Vegas. il fulfill one if my biggest dreams of finally seeing Slayer live, on the floor in the pit!!! So il let you know how it goes!

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SLAYER live turns the smallest guys into War Machines in the pit

Don't doubt you're strong & tough, but that won't save u when ur getting the air crushed out of your lungs! Have fun but watch out man, I literally almost died at the Dallas tx Slayer/Pantera show back in the mid-90's, you can't punch off hundreds of people crushing u against the stage...it was worth it tho, best Slayer show I ever saw & I was there when they played on the seasons, intervention & undisputed attitude all in bars before they were doing stadiums...take it from a veteran, Slayer pits are on a whole other level, never seen/experienced as much joy & violence as at a Slayer show. Have a blast man!!!


I've been to a lot of concerts and by far the best ones have been SLAYER and Overkill these had the most energy in a crowd ever--fuckin awesome shows. I'm 44yrs old and still headbang. I could probably use the same operation as Tom had--lol. Can't wait to see them Nov 16 at the Fillmore in the D. SSLLLAAAYYYEEERRRR forever mother fuckers!!!!