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the first time I saw slayer, was too excited because I had never seen before and was anciosa that the day of the concert came but a little nervous. had to travel to london to see and buy my ticket well in advance, so I wanted to make the time pass quickly for it to arrive the day. I only asked a question: why on Sunday?, and the truth a concert on Sunday is not good without alcohol (haha: P). but hey the band played very well, never forget that day and would like to see them again .... Smiling & (I would have liked to see Jeff Hanneman)

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Slayer will always be a great

Slayer will always be a great band and always give the best concerts in any day ....

SLAYER on a Sunday.

Well, Bodom_Girl I agree with you in alot of ways...Sundays usually are'nt the best day of the week for a fuckin' concert.But, after all, this was no regular concert, was it ? Nope..it was a fuckin' SLAYER concert and that more than anything else(available alcohol etc)makes up for the Sunday thing,in my opinion.SLAYER played my city with EXODUS and ROB ZOMBIE and the fuckin'roof blew off the building! Hell ya' Jeff was missed big time...but he'll be back before SLAYER thunder out our way again.So rember the awesome you had and rest assured, Jeff will be there next time you see SLAYER live.By the way...SLAYER played my city on a Sunday,too.Wear your SLAYER t shirt with fuckin' pride...pride in being a fuckin' fan of the heaviest fuckin' band on Sunday or any day...SLAYER!

I hear ya BODOM_GIRL, Sunday concerts suck ; )

Sounds like you still had a good time and sorry you missed Jeff, I got lucky and he was able to play on at least two songs at Indio during his recovery. But thats life and hopefully he will fully recover soon and you will get to see another show with him playing...

Either way Slayer, Saturday concerts and alcohol rule : )