World Painted Blood

I can't see this video,the page is loading on blind.I saw the disk with DVD in Munich when I took God Hates Us All but I wasn't having my laptop at that time,I didn't like the picture with a thick hand and nail in the middle,I prefer black and white.I have my hands equal since I have been in the Moldavian Republic.They were having some thick water what should be drank with a lot of food and at that time I were badly paranoid and I ate three days only apples,carrots and house roasted peanuts that I could take at a kilo.I was having this problem with my high school mate and I found this lady to rent a room that was half Russian and was having also a house near Transnistria but is more complicated because the village could be also inside also outside,was legally a military area.I was always seeing bitches in public alimentation and was afraid to buy.This water was depositing minerals and wasn't good on empty stomach.I drank a lot before of the three days and I think I made an internal lesion.I have my hands thick now also after about 4-5 years.Than appeared some satanical after I stayed at a gypsy in another room rent in Romania near a graveyard from the second World War.Still those satanicals followed me also in the Moldavian Republic and I am very afraid in this period I could be kidnap and nailed to the cross in the Moldavian Republic because I was saying a lot about the Slavonic people obsessed with the bitches with the food.Generally the Slavonic people often make thinking to the church,there are special more some shapes that inspire freshness,you can see better a Slavonic on fresh weather and see any if it's dusted or warm,hot weather.It is a coincidence I make the next year 33 years old and now the Moldavian Republic is half finished because there is no more border with Romania and we are the European Union.I can't take as good as the beginning the master pieces.I searched on some Russian sites and I have the same thing.I think I have a mirror of any internet page because I get the same thing doesn't matter from where.I hear all weaker including the master voice and doesn't calm me.I prefer hear the engine and I listen the hard rock band Cancer and from Klaus Schulze Neuronengesang,I liked also Sepultura but I find also with all the nerves pulled off.I decided not to go anymore in those border ex soviet states until I'll go easy also in Russia and the politics will be changed.Because I search a friend I have to confess I have been also in Ukraine at some hotels.I am now in Emmersdorf an der Donau all this week,it is a camping near the bridge from Melk,the next week I'll go closer to Linz.I pay WiFi to a hotel and the rest of the days I think I prefer better to write more at my German lessons because the summer can't be felt here as often as in Vienna.