I stay at WOK Camping in Warsaw until the 5'th of June for the concert.I'm looking for some boy friends among the fans not older than my age,I'm 32,I have now a grey large hat and black long things or green with white shorts with brown shoes,I can't change the picture because it's the best.I see that for Nikelsdorf are no more tickets so Warsaw is my only try this year,in Ostrava I can find no camping.I like very much the tent,I'm sensible at dust and I need always fresh air to sleep well.I may try the winter in Morocco from Spain and I'll have this direction after Austria maybe through a Eurolines ticket to Barcelona,the campings are more expensive in Italy and France.I just can't post new photos,the link is missing.If you see me tell me you saw the picture on site,I don't answer to anything,I'm afraid of harassments and I don't understand unclear or covered,only clear English.I search Americans, I wish then to share the camping with, I'll have all the summer in Austria,Germany maybe not far or Italy and France but I plan Austria.I hope I'll finally meet some fan(s),I'm going Thursday to Bielsko Biala for another two weeks(it's a camping near the mountains Pod Debowcem) before Bratislava and Austria for the summer.I don't like the locals,they really smell like beer Russians instead of vodka Russians, equally they look like.I saw a few times an American in black leather like a light in a tunnel.I listen now often "Meat train" of Cancer(hard rock band).I can't find a lot original it's like variety censorship on youtube...I stayed before entrance near a very sweet blue eyed,he was like an angel.I'm not afraid of satanicals,Slayer is not only satanicals,all is a beautiful poetry and those are a speculation.He was a little fat up like dressed cat but that doesn't matter,I become fat myself because I eat paper to protect my stomach,I also drink all the water filtered through a textile,if I don't need the paper I become fat.I am very sensible to blue because I am all brown and I can see nice blue a lot more nice,I just gain a tongue appetite.Somebody came to give a program with Slayer the last only to me and the three guys around,then they started the body checking after ticket.It's always this sickness of maniaco-repression wiser than depression in all the revolutionary people.The commonists are generally not able to understand their mind illnesses.If I like something I can't stand being disturbed because it's like a contrast.From the first step I put my usual music Klause Schulze - Neuronengesang,I listen to that a lot now not to hear because Sepultura I find all with all the nerves pulled off.The concert started with some no names singing groups of two letters, I lost my patience and I left because I couldn't catch the last bus for my camping after Slayer and anyway I went more for searching friends and came no one in the camping.Maybe at a time I'll have the dreamed luck.I lost my patience and I don't know anymore about my English,I usually check the double letters for double purpose...I am very sorry now not to have enough interest for the band,until the next year is a lot of time and maybe will not be again some concert in Europe,it's my problem I am not social,is the first concert I am going and I am 32 years old,I just can't accept any personals or I understand more than are.Is not polite to make all personal on a music official site or to ask for friends only in my personal interest.Excuse or apologize are only simple words and doesn't matter.Is true I didn't listen anymore Slayer since the last autumn because of my hacked Mp3-s,I couldn't stand to hear his voice modified in a way or another and I lost entirely my listening wish.It was like an exceptional surprise to see all the people only metal or Slayer fans being usually so disgusted of anybody alone in any city but then I was discouraged by the guards because they were looking like Romanians and I have these problems with the food being or thinking of being served by community also abroad.I recognized as Romanians also some fans but very different like a warm light in half darkness... now I am going to Slovakia,it is a camping in Varin,near Zilina and after Bratislava(the camping near the lake) I'll start Austria from Wien towards Italy(the campings at the lakes Wörthersee,Spittal an der Drau).Maybe after Spain after a successful winter I'll start with the concert from London if will be the same.I intend to take a CD Player and listen to audio CDs made with my computer because the Mp3s are unstable hacked,than I'll know better on which album to ask for an autograph.I hope also the next year I'll follow more than one concert with some trip mate or I'll go to one of them with a fan friend.