Revolver Zine SLAYER tribute.

Just read the Revolver SLAYER tribute articles. Wow... alot of little tid-bit's of info that every SLAYER head needs to know.

I did not know (how would I) that Tommies sister died... my condolences man. Jeff's father passed also... and my condolences to you Jeff on his passing. Man... death really puts life into perspective when the ones we love, and care for go.


This was a really good look into the making of the albums, and structure that is put into the creative process of SLAYER's music. I mean, it wasn't totally chaulk full of information, and text for text of how they do make their music, but it let's one see what they are doing for each album made.

I laughed at the thought of them wearing eyeliner back in the day, but that is what they were about back then, and thankfully seen that wasn't what they were. I enjoyed the fact that they ARE regular people, with the usual problems everyone faces, and if I were as good as a drummer as Dave, or Paul... I would have auditioned for the band, but I suck compared to those two.

Until further literature is purchased about SLAYER by me... Fuckin' SLAAAAAAAYER!!!