Re: World Painted Blood

im going to write about each song individually as i listen to them. the first song "WORLD PAINTED BLOOD" is incredible just what i would expect from SLAYER nothing but perfection.the solos kick ass,way to go Kerry and Jeff!!!!!! im also a bass player for the last 22 years,been playing since i was 14.and as a bass player i just wish when SLAYER records that they turn Tom up just a little bit more so we can hear his playing clearly. hes a incredible player and i think people should hear him more.other than that the song "WORLD PAINTED BLOOD" is incredible.thank you Chris Slay. And Tom I hope your recovery dosent suck so much.all of you take care!!!!!! it proably wont be a few months before your up and around "close"to normal as normal gets after something like that.