Re: West Melbourne, Australia - Festival Hall, Arena

I was there last night too.
It was the first Slayer concert that I've ever had the opportunity to see, having spent most of my life in a part of the world that Slayer has never visited.
I've been a fan since I was 15 yrs old which is now 21yrs ago, so getting to go to them last night was like a lifelong dream come true and I've been buzzing for weeks.
I actually get to look at the word 'Slayer' carved into my left forearm everyday from when I was a little more crazy 'back in the day,' but I've never regreted it.
I've always loved Slayer and I probably always will, there's no other band out there like them.
I was saying to my mate last night on the way there, that one of things I love about Slayer is that they're still out there doing it and they haven't buckled to modern standards of political correctness or sold out etc.
And I also love the fact that last night proved to me that Metal is not dead, looking at the enthusiasm of my fellow revellers.
There were all ages there, old farts like me (and even older) and a few young kids being shown Slayer by their Dad's etc. and everyone in between.
And rocking up I couldn't help but notice that 95% of the T-shirts there were worn by Slayer fans so it was cool to be amoungst some many kindred souls.
Megadeth rocked, after playing their classics they gave us a 'Holy Wars' encore and then they bowed and gave the audience a standing ovation, which was really classy.
Unfortunately when Slayer came on, the first thing that Tom said was that he had no voice and that he wouldn't be singing much tonight. And his voice sounded like it was in pain just saying that much.
So that aspect was pretty heart breaking to be honest.
Though they played with power and speed and were often seamless between songs.
And I thought that they played really good. It was a sea of distorted, rhythms crashing operatically (is that a word?) and thunderously.
But when it was time for the vocals to kick in there was often silence, so there was a few instumentals, and Tom was pointing at the microphone stand, shrugging his shoulders and gestering to the audience for someone to come up and sing.
Which would've been a dream come true for some lucky fans, and one or two of them did an OK job, but it was like Slayer karaoke with Slayer themselves laying down the backing tracks.
It made me want to go home and listen to their whole catalogue with vocals, but in saying that I still do have a sore neck today which is a good sign.
But without Tom's vocals it wasn't the whole show and I could see lots of disappointed fans shaking their heads and turning off their mobile phones from recording etc. when there was silence where there should have been singing.
But hey, I know Tom would have given us all he had and I could hear the pain in his vocal cords and if I could have waved a magic wand and fixed his voice I would have, but really what can you do?
I just feel a little sorry for myself not getting to see the whole package after all this time and then being in the same room as them was still pretty cool.
And like the leeming I am, if they come out again, I'll be there and hope to be luckier and catch them on a better night.
Their last set was Angel of Death,Mandatory Suicide and Reign in Blood and I was pretty happy (kill me now sort of thing) but then it just ended, what seemed like really quickly.
10 past 11pm, Tom waved his hand to the audience with his back turned, nothing said and just walked off, no encores or "thanks (or sorry....well there was one at the beginning) Melbourne."
I guess it wasn't the best night for them either.
I just hope I get to see them live properly once before I die, hopefully I haven't left it too late.
I also spent $90 on merchandise, which I sort of regretted after the show, but today I feel better about it because they're still legends. But I couldn't help but notice from the back of the Black Eagle tour shirt I got, that this only the fourth show of 38 on this tour, so hopefully Tom's voice gets better soon or else there might be some more disappointed fans.
Maybe someone 'up there' or 'down there' is getting back at them for Tom saying he's a Christain (LoL).
But with everything I've said, I'll still always love ya Slayer.