Re: Washington County Fairgrounds w/ Megadeth

What the FUCK?????? This is startin' pissin me the fuck off!!!! How can you re-schedule the Portland show in Hillsboro Oregon????? It's a piece of shit fairgrounds. Don't you realize there's probably gonna be a 75% chance of rain here Labor Day weekend?!?! I don't know who booked this date for you guys, but they should be fired!!! This is a horrible venue and if the show had originally been scheduled here I would have never purchased a ticket in the 1st place. Hey Slayer....I want my fuckin' money back!!!! You guys seriously need to step up and either offer refunds for this show or have it booked back @ the Coliseum. If ticket sales are a problem for you guys here, then get it booked @ the Roseland. Hell, even the Salem Armory would be better than the fairgrounds...and that venue sucks truckloads of green donkey dicks!!! Anyway, ask the guys in Mudvayne or Black Label Society...they were here last year...they'll tell you how bad it is. The Hillsboro fairgrounds is not a place for a metal show. I'm begging you to bring it back to the Coliseum. If really sucks that I wasted my money.