Re: War At The Warfield

WAR AT THE WARFIELD gives SLAYER fans full ride for the DVD's price...offering up 19 songs plus ''extras''.From the likes of early SLAYER...HELL AWAITS and DIE BY THE more recent skull smashers like DISCIPLE and an apt way to end things off...ANGEL OF DEATH. One thing that I'd change (if it were up to me) is the goofy ''fans section'' that makes for the ''extras'' on this DVD. Nothing wrong with the idea of a ''fans section''...if it showed fans that were a reflection of all kinds of SLAYER would have been great. Sadly, these ''fans'' they chose to put on the DVD are mainly mindless motherfuckers, drinking beer and acting like fucking brainless fools.Come on,SLAYER...I know you respect your real fans too much to have let these wackos spoil the party.