I think I changed my mind about giving up the site as i discovered I was having the internet pages gambled by some contructions workers followers who were also gabling the letters and any passwords through a remote control program as they were imbecile finding difficult to make daily a reading check and now I have the old password but i can't put my new email as they are looking forward towards their imbecile workout.This is the socialism where the strength of the majority is futile in any fight although is constructed by an imbecile majority.I may have some hard remote pieces from the service that may make useless any program as I am followed by the police with those convicted conditioned in freedom so I can't do anything.Anyway I think I shouldn't change or cancel my blogs as is good to keep everything to make somebody understand how you really think, I found more or most of all the lyrics clips and I was having appetite for a renewed old subject also in a talk so welcome back FBI, and here I am idiot you imbeciles, I just write and read am'nt I?, you're so wise in your machine(head)!!!
I may just start all over with (society) Fictional Reality with the account stolen again the second after the moldavian wary, I was wanting to say I prepare the Alps for the summer, in camping or outside, so that's all, now laugh...
I'm sorry to be half misfit and also in the front page of the site, I just have to say what I think as any fan, I can just see in the clip a romanian type looking like Tom Araya, a difference is very clear so I concluded I receive a "mirror" virus copy of the site but I trust the top american band and I think isn't possible to be any copy not reflected in the original or not connected for a legal reason, I just dislike to have things in common with any romanians as are all the majority psychotic repressive in the sick eastern socialism.