As I see these new tour dates looks like the n+1 coincidence thinking it's another page made for me but after I registered to another top bands like Megadeth and Metallica seeing just any drawings I understood how usual may be this fake and I don't know how I'll wash the shame of having being on the front page.After the last year's wishing for Tom "make Europe a Mayhem" I found myself the wanted with all the concerts variety but this year after I whispered the Alps my next summer I found myself the unwanted with all the dates far and around them.
About this concert - don't take the woods if you don't like neighbors, I tell you are full of snakes, when I first went into the first being from Kingsdown camping - Kent I met an old man with a dog before the Freedown wood and I asked about it, there are complicated footpaths and you may not find one certain, he said - Go on this path and you'll find two big stones at left and right, you go through them and that's the wood.I was thinking he speaks about it like a warning, making thinking at the cemetery and was all looking fake at my first trip in England thinking it's a joke about small dangers but after put my tent near Ashford and Canterbury and I heard all the snakes getting out from earth in the night time I don't take anymore this year the woods, that's suicide, I take only the Alps and maybe some of their campings or the next year Germany only with campings and hunting stores.I just love the English people, I've been asked for a ride by car I thing 10-15 times but I wouldn't stay again in a wood without a strong tent and weapons and I search for them at the wide germans.