Re: Slayer

Because of a family problem I can no longer come at this show.I say it because I still have the impression is a site, band and show made for me after what the original went cold in thye late 80 years because of some too hot scene.
My mother has herself the socialist disease of the Psychological Inferiority Complex, feels someway stupid if hears stronger, all the majority has the minus education.While the germans and other people are educating themselvers strong in Romania and east new communist socialism is being done a minus mental and physical education with public persecutions of the exceptions by the majority infested with a certain common psychosis, a little different one from an eastern people to another.
I had also here a possible guard, the girl from the reception is looking like an ex high school mate, Metallica type, blonde, blue eyed which ate me the the Slayer appetite.Very often the blonde blue eye makes me feel a weakness that drives me to Sepultura - KAIROS, I really start to love that black man, I just refuse and resist to make any comment on the official site because of that weak old man with the guitar that looks like an italian or dump romanian which succeded to be the stronger stupid in the center of the place of the old higher perspective.
I'm very sorry, if you planned the show for me consider is probable to come because of the short distance.My mother refused to buy me the food and I spent almost all including on four bottles of strong drink of which I threw two being sweet understanding a main problem of personal decision.I have to make the best to endure less the dumps so is better if I taste sweet my nerves, doesn't really matter the cost, I may loose the same or more useless in anyone's mouth once open, including the rRomanian proxenete police.Just choose your chensorship and have restly your fan, my google translator doesn't work anymore and I'm no more sure about all the letters.