Re: Slayer

I think I'll really have this concert this year, i'm already heading south as I have any fields around the campings (planted) with snakes and I lost the guts of becoming free.Somebody who reads everythink may ask - How someone who knows may have a first degree relative dead may think in the same time about music.Well first of all the metal music is understood feeling and thinking for the second time the same thing before of a second reason.the metal if fact can't be only a negative sound but also a decent in the romanian people or EU community i couldn't cry the most little time because of the permanent laugh and vulgar speach until I arrived home in some moments of peace disturbed by the same workers possibly "on parole" - out of prison also maybe mates of my father in an identity\diplomatic program escaped.Always disturbed by someone's laugh and homemade pack words of his cu-t you can't really feel anything negative in metal but only more decent.This explained also my previous search of "friends" first of these 13 stories following a realaxation of my nerves given by my anti type irritations.An italian or roman may think or feel the same think, I certainly feel the things about the majority of the romanians but I may have in a measure the root species, at any may be only from the year 100 A.D. but it is something mainly of it in the main public, that may not be also mean the majority people.i don't know what to say a lot, I only write a little tired towards Langenwang also for an official camping.