Re: Slayer

This very concert appeared in the next moment after my talk about my annual EU direction by tent going up from Spain for the Alps.I'm not sure if this is really the original band and site but I'm not comfortable of being on the front page with my (lower)level having a higher "duty", I have only one direction in Europe by tent because of the "budget" money and I had the chance of going home for spring not liking France with a plane ticket that payed my mother, when I asked for Nickelsdorf and they said only tickets by Credid Card I relaxed a little thinking may be really all official, I'll come in Switzerland after the half of the summer, from Milan as I want to make the Alps my unique for tent as the south is full of snakes along with the Phyrenees, maybe I'll have also the shows the next year as I have to cut some from the list not using Credit Cards and I may think about the german campings upper after the too natural places.Excuse this blog more for my page!I'm trying to make some knowings Slayer fan mates.