Re: Slayeeeeerrrrrrrr!

Hi everybody,

what is called Sofia Airport Park is in reality a little grass land ditch next to Terminal 2. Still, the place was easy to reach and all seemed fairly well organised for Bulgarian standards. Eye-wink
Outside the gates people were drinking beer, whiskey ands Rakia by the gallon. There were no harrasments by the law, just one apparently friendly cop on a bike, that was all. This is a very nice exception from the nannyism you experience elsewere. On the festival ground security personnel kept to themselves. As everybody knows, metal heads are crazy but mostly peaceful. That night, I only saw two guys trying to beat the shit out of each other but that situation was quickly resolved by other fans.

Slayer were headliners that night. Before them, Anahiliator crushed some skulls. Luckily, the rain stopped before their show but by that time the mosh pit was an anckle deep mud hole. Impossible to run a circle without falling face first in the mud. Some fuckers actually seemed to enjoy that. Eye-wink What a fucking mess! Eye-wink

OK, I'm sure you guys wanna hear how I liked Gary Holt's performance as a stand-in for Jeff. I heard Slayer a number of times before and I must say that Gary IS a very worthy stand-in. The crowd cheered and applauded enthusistically.
The sound was very well, no distortions or feedback and not overly loud that it would run your ears into overdrive. I mean, what's the point of bringing up the sound pressure way beyond the point were human hearing dynmic range ends? How does that enhance an artist's performance? Anyway, from an audio engineering POV Slayer's performance was one of the best I've heard.
The set list was what we all got to love and crave from any Slayer concert, suffice to say.
Given the fact, that the band is going through some hardship this time it would have been inappropriate to sing Happy Birthday for Kerry, which luckily nobody thougt of. Happy Birthday madafaka!!!
The band played intensely concentrated and gave no encores, as usual. THis was a completely satisfying experience.
Fuck all spiders!