Re: Show No Mercy

First Slayer cd I ever bought, one of THE GREATEST debut albums from the '80s. I wish they would play songs like Fight Till Death, The Final Command, and the masterpiece Metal Storm/Face The Slayer.

Evil Has No Boundaries- ***** Great riff, great lyrics, great intro, all together a great song.

The AntiChrist- ***** One of Jeff Hanneman's best early songs.

Die By The Sword- **** Good song BUT! The Live Undead version is faster, heavier, and just all together better, not that this is bad, at ALL but Live Undead has more energy.

Fight Till Death- ***** A Classic Slayer song, truly great, Slayer always wrote great songs about War didn't they? (Yes they did)

Metal Storm/Face The Slayer- ***** This is my favorite song and probably one of the GREATEST underrated Slayer songs, it starts with the Metal Storm, then the lyrics to the epic Face The Slayer, I really wish this one was played live more often.

Black Magic- **** A Solid Slayer song, many fans choose this one as a classic, It is good but there is so much more to 'Show No Mercy' than Black Magic.

Tormentor- **** Another underrated Slayer song that didn't get the attention it deserved, It starts out a little slow then picks up, nonetheless a great song. Are you afraid of the night?

The Final Command- ***** A great fast song, standing at 2:32 the shortest song on the cd, another war song that has a great riff. The "Blitzkreig tactics of German command, Born with the power of God in his hand" line always made me think of Hitler and how he had all of Germany in his command.

Cronics- ***** The 9th track on this cd/lp, A song that I never understood the lyrics to or the title, I've always thought of early Iron Maiden when I hear the guitar for this one.

Show No Mercy- ***** The title track and final track on this album, the intro by Dave was great, along with the lyrics and the whole cd.